Digital collection: We create a unique DNA for your watches and digitally store your collection data by using blockchain technology.

Our leading high-precision technology allows us to scan and identify even t​he smallest and most intricate details of your watch (small scratches, galvanized surfaces, ink spots, etc.). Alliance Genève is the only watchmaker on the market who can offer you this advanced service!

Our groundbreaking 2D and 3D scan technology, which we exclusively introduced to the market, allows us to create the unique digital DNA of your watch. This unique DNA guarantees that you can always identify your watch with certainty and it protects you against fraud and damage caused by other service providers.

The data of each watch in your collection is stored in a secured, digital database on our own servers in Switzerland. Your data is equally stored in a blockchain in order to ensure that the origin of the information stored is not altered. With your digital and secure access you can consult your collection at any time using your smartphone, tablet or computer and appreciate the watchmaking excellence and unique character of your watches.

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